Robinhood App – How to make Unlimited Day Trades with under $25,000!

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What is up, ladies and gentleman, and welcome back to the good old techcrackhouse I’ll be covering the Robinhood app. So if you like, the Robin Hood, which I’m sure many of you probably do, feel free to leave a like share, subscribe and hit that little notifications Bill button below you can be notified every single time. The tag crackhouse uploads, a video.

Otherwise, let’s go ahead and get right into it all right, ladies and gents, and welcome back to another video Center.

So, first of all, let me just go ahead and say that I’m sure you to my account balance is currently still $ 942 in $ 0. 60. I will be adding more money to my account and probably using Robinhood a bit more.

I know that all of you really liked the videos for it and I do too I like using, so I also would like to have about as many dollars in the account as I have subscribers. So I I have roughly 20 2,000 subscribers right now, so I’m obviously a bit behind on that.

So I’d like I’d like to catch up, and I think that’ll be that’s not what this video is about, but also this is also once again not with this videos about, but I just wanted to take a second to thank all of you for your support with That I video that was demonetised recently the monetization claim was appealed. So essentially they did. Let me monetize the video, which is good because there was nothing fell or any in the video at all and I’m like struggling to speak right now.

So I apologize for that.

But it all turned out okay and all give me a ton of support with that. So I really appreciate it it’s great to see the community Amino really there and in backing me up, which is what I’ve come to expect from a few green onions. So I appreciate it and yeah this video is about how to make unlimited day trades God.

I don’t know if I should keep that in or not anyway, how to make unlimited day trades in the Robin Hood app.

So first things.

First, I’m sure many of you have heard that you need to have twenty five dollars or more in your account in order make unlimited data rates and not to be penalized or anyway, when it, when it comes to maxing out your day trades. So when I say Max and maxing out the day, trades Frankie was actually having three or more day trades in a five-day.

At that point, they will actually temporarily lock your account and it makes trading in general.

I very difficult. I think that you can exit positions, but you can’t enter any new ones, so it’s not exactly fun. It definitely sucks a lot in something unless you have $ 25,000 in your account, you can make unlimited data rates right.

Well, not necessarily. Ok called Robin Hood, which revolves around the concept that, when you’re investing with Robinhood, they give you essentially a threshold of about 1000. If you want to buy stock and don’t have a thousand bucks in in your account, you can instantly transfer in like a thousand bucks and use that money.

Once you sell the stock, you instantly regane the funds from that sale and you can use the funds for whatever you please now that obviously some dangers one when it comes to a training, because people might not necessarily be trading with money. You really have.

Hence the $ 25,000 limit for day trading with accounts better instant enabled. So that’s why they have it set up like that, and that makes a lot of sense for instant that for instant trading they don’t want people sampling, essentially with money that they don’t have. However, there’s a way to avoid that, and that is simply to use a robin cash account now, a couple of dangerous with a cash account.

That’S essentially the account type that you start with, and you can upgrade been at anytime whether you want to at work or it’s up to you.

I should say whether you want to I was going to say whether you want to or not, but that sounds like they’re forcing upgrades would obviously isn’t the point here. However, if you have a cash account – and you start with that – and you are just too kind of show you how things went when I exited for the past three months – few who sang anyway right if you have a cash account – and you don’t want to upgrade It to instant to an instant account, you can definitely would that you don’t have to upgrade to an instant account at all and if you had and you keep it a cash account, you can simply trade and day trade as much as you want with impunity, or I’M pretty sure you can you get penalized for that.

You no exercise caution still, but I’m fairly certain that you can day trade with a cash account pretty much as much as you want, because, essentially you aren’t, you know no guarantees, because I feel bad if this is wrong, for whatever reason I feel like it is Right, I’m pretty sure it is, but just be mindful: okay be mindful.

Anyway, you can pretty much trade with impunity, because you aren’t dipping into funds that are provided by Robinhood itself, so essentially you’re kind of I’m not really risking screwing Robin Hood over too much, which is good. But the only problem with you know. If you decide to downgrade back to cash account once you have an insta account, I don’t believe that you can.

We upgrade to instant if you downgrade back to cash. So keep that in mind. If you like instant a lot in you use it, I don’t necessarily recommend that you down cash, that can be pretty restrictive, but if you’re worried about day trading – and you don’t have enough money in your account to to day trade frequently, I might downgrade back to The back cash so interesting thing to think about for the past 3 months, I was down open of a Dipper, and this is all screwed up, because I did have a lot more money in this portfolio.

However, right now it’s accounting – for I only $ 942 here that this is a loss of 21 %, which is obviously not right, because I I had a lot of money, it doesn’t spell right, it’s it’s screwed up right now, pretty big increase and it was all Pretty cool the Earth past 3 months, roughly $ 400. 04 more over roughly 1 or 4, so I’m interested in getting back into this. So once again, thank you all so much for the support.

I really really do appreciate it and I you’re a fantastic audience.

Thank you.

So much for watching the techcrackhouse one exist without all of you, so keep it real.

Keep her here that a crack house in audios. Thank you so much for watching your viewership is greatly appreciated. Give me a questions.

Comments concerns feel free to leave them in the comments section below tell your family about install your friends about his till your housebroken animals about us and that’s going to do it for me. Folks have a good one and watches next time. Adios.

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Robinhood App – How to make Unlimited Day Trades with under $25,000!


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