How to Make Hundreds Per Day Trading Bitcoin & Litecoin on GDAX | Sharing My Strategy

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Hey, What’s happenin guys just making a quick video here, I know a lot of people like shear tips and he follow what I’m doing and Krypto and blah blah blah. A lot of people show screenshots for a lot of people. Tell you about things.

They did after the fat, and so I just want to make a quick video to show something in real time, I’m pretty decent at markets in seeing what’s going to happen, so you know, I’ve called a couple cryptocurrencies.

I got called Bitcoin way back in the day.


Lisk back at 4:50 and I don’t do a ton of trading, but here’s a couple trades. I did 3 days so I think it was 4 days ago picked up 15 or 15 litecoins at 7125 day after that. So three days back from today, but a day after I pick up the 15, I bought a combination of 100 Bitcoins.

I got filled in separate orders at 7981 field that you know 77 and some change the other at 21 and then later in the same-day. Literally, a couple hours later, I sold it for $ 83. So, what’s 83 down to this about $ 3.

20 on a hundred Bitcoin that $ 320 profit there that same exact day a little bit later, we go over to why Bitcoin here I don’t think we have any open orders here for fills 33 days ago. I wound up buying, didn’t have quite enough to buy a full Bitcoin but bought a.

864 of a Bitcoin for 95 $ 2, literally within a couple hours of that it was a big but then just 11 hours ago, so 2 days after I bought it would Manage to sell those same Bitcoin so the little bit earlier today for 11400 then sold some more later today for 11706, see right now, sitting at 10900, so Lily had I not sold this earlier in the day you know I would have been. I would have been sitting on $ 1,000 less than I was earlier today when I sold it. So call you guys briefly about us, a strategy that I’m kind of using right now now be very, very careful when you’re trading, guys and Moe’s people don’t time to Market.

I would watch the market and make predictions and just kind of track and see what happens before.

You actually start throw real money in the market and also, I think, generally speaking, you’re better off just holding in trading.

I do have some cryptocurrencies that I’m sitting on for the long-term eyebrows of a little bit of money that I’m just kind of playing with for the short-term.

So this is just swing trading, money and stuff like that. But what I’ll do you guys can see these? You know these are called candlestick here right now, I’m not really a chair guys talk about different Cheney, charts and accesses, and all this other nonsense to me, I feel like I need to drop points between almost nothing on here.

You will people be like, oh from this line to this line, we’re seeing a straight-up we’re going up to 20,000. You season another guy with the same trap.

You, like, we got this point here and all this point here and we draw lying down, we’re going to 4000 reading, charts doesn’t seem to like it does for stock, but something – and I do these are weak candlesticks each one of these is a candle, and you Also have these, I don’t know what the official currencies are, whatever I’m not sure exactly.

What’S like. I don’t know if this is just like a couple trades and the price play flashes of this point, but a strategy that I’ve been using recently is, if I got cash sitting on the sidelines, you have to be very page: bright lights, don’t jump into the market, Just to jump into the market decided entry point that you want to get in it. Give fomo, don’t deviate from that and jump in just for the sake of jumping and be patient and make sure you’re getting in where you want to get in.

But what I’ll do like right? Now, 10900 988 we’ve risen pretty quickly, so I’m going to take a pulled back inevitable but regardless I might be like you know what I want to take a shot and try to get some cheap coins.

I’M going to set a limit order for 10000 200 now the chances of it actually hitting that are actually pretty low, but there will be little like on a flash crash. The right word for this, but there will be opportunities here where you know.

I don’t know. If it’s at somebody’s got a market order and you only order and what is a really really low limit order that that’s why these flash, either down or up, but I’ve, been doing this for basal-cell cam to place a real.

I order limit order at like 10200. If Bitcoin starts training down, we may get one of these like Wix going town, and I made by you know just by sheer luck: wind up hitting a 10200 because of a big drop like that.

You had. Some can only fall so far before people realize that it’s a buying opportunity and and want to get back in into typically after, like a drop like that, the same way that when we have big Rises, we have pulled back when we have big drops.

I feel like people say: okay, this is a buying opportunity, I’m going to go money, floods back into the market and it raises the price of an egg again an example of the Bic when I bought the other day and I could have sold this.

84 Bitcoin. I bought it for 95 within a couple hours. I probably could have sold it for $ 1,000 game.

I did feel like it was on higher and things often times run higher through the weekend. So I said I’m going to hold onto it once it got up to about 11708 wind-up going up a hundred hundred fifty bucks higher than that. So I did miss out on a little bit of money, but I said I don’t think it can really sustain this price because of how quickly not there and it just kind of watching the charts kind of the feeling that I got so.

I wound up selling it and it turns out it was a good move, because right now we’re down. You know it’s $ 700 from from where it was earlier today, so I can potentially buy back in now. Like I said, I would, I wouldn’t be in page jumping right now, just to jump and I probably said something: low 10500.


If it hits awesome, if it doesn’t hit sober immediately, set up another cell order for like 11, 5 or 11:00 7nn, basically just kind of play these bounce and try to make money off of it and when you buy Bitcoin, cheap and sell it for more. The next time you’re able to go back in your able to acquire much more Bitcoins, you can kind of grow your Holdings as well as well. Now in his video I feel like I made it sound, really easy this a lot more to it than that.

Well, I’m showing you some games here. I have taken losses on other coins and things like that. So don’t think this is a Sure Shot, don’t think it’s risk-free, but how to make a video kind of briefly sharing my strategy kind of something that I’ve been messing with lately.

This only listen to Marcus behaving certain ways. If you start kind of watching the cryptocurrency markets and kind of keeping up with, like the general sentiment of I don’t trade based on charts or graphs or or fundamentals, or anything like that.

I kind of watch social media, Reddit and kind of trade on mass psychology, and I feel like I’m pretty good at reading what other people are going to do.

So it’s like. Okay, other people are going traffic to the certain point and then the price is going to fall and then it there’s a certain level at which people are going to say. Okay, this is a good time to buy in and then they’re going to buy and sell got to take you guys over to show you a couple of therium Trades here really briefly, as well, haven’t really been dealing with etherium a little bit.

I’Ve been selling some off it and if you can get there at 361 – and you know right considerably higher than those about 2 weeks ago – and I think it was stuff that I bought in cheaper when was my last – is having a lot of fun either selling Some of my last buys where, at I don’t 30723 7361 etherium hadn’t been doing a whole lot, so I was kind of comfortable selling it pretty good. I’M going to take some profits, but is he see it’s continue to run? I do weekly dollar cost average. I’Ve been buying a small amount every week, but you’re really my big moves out of this week were you know going from that.

I’M never going to sell because going to have one millionth of all the Litecoin out there, but I also want a little bit to swing trade with.

So you know, as you can see here, you know when you have a lot of a coin.

100 coins. Every dollar moves $ 100 or $ 3 movie $ 300 profit, and then you know I showed you guys. We dump that into in the Bitcoin at 9500 kind of road that up so kind of the the trading strategy that I’m utilizing right now.

Having pretty good luck with that, I I don’t want to get greedy, you don’t know some people.

This is pretty easy. I want to make $ 100 a day or I want to make $ 300 a day or whatever else you know, don’t allow yourself to get greed. I have to do this everyday or you know I need to make this much money everyday cuz.

Then you’re going to make moves there. Some smart moves. Just for the sake of trying to make my make a move.

You really have to be patient and get in and get out at the right time, but there is a lot of money to be made and it can be made it really profitably. I’D love to hear some of your guys trading strategies as well.

Let me know like: are you a? Are you a holder now you, a day trader, are you going for small head? What’S your thing, what coins are you bullish on? I drop a comment section in drop. A comment.

Section drop a comment in the comment section below I’d love to hear from, and I’m sure your fellow YouTubers would as well. Thanks for watching I’ll catch. You guys on the next video.

How to Make Hundreds Per Day Trading Bitcoin & Litecoin on GDAX | Sharing My Strategy


***This is not investment advice. Trading is risky. I wanted to share my strategy. Most people would probably be better off buying and holding than trading, it’s very hard to time the market. That said I find if I’m patient and wait for my opportunities this can be very profitable for me.

Let me start by saying generally speaking most people are better off just buying and holding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as opposed to trading.

It’s very difficult to time the market and oftentimes when people have some success swing trading they either get cocky or get impatient thinking they need to make a trade each day or need to make so much money per day and they make stupid trades that cost them money.

Generally speaking I’m a holder, however I have a little profits and play money on the side that I don’t mind trading with. Recently this past Thursday made a Litecoin trade, bought some Litecoin earlier in the day at $79.80 and sold it at $83 a few hours later making $320 profit. I then took that money and set a very low limit order on Bitcoin which I saw falling. My limit order hit, it was a low candle wick limit order that got picked up but picked up 0.8 Bitcoin at $9500 and within an hour or two I was already up $1,000 on that. Being that we were headed into the weekend things often tend to continue to rise so rather than taking the quick profit which is sometimes smart I waited it out. When we hit $11,700 I thoguht that rise was a bit too quick too fast so set a limit order and sold.

Sure enough a few hours later this same day Bitcoin was back down under $11,000.

Utilizing this strategy I could buy back in at $11,000, although I’m going to choose to wait for it to fall a bit more which it may or may not do, however at this point I’m able to buy back in cheaper and acquire even more Bitcoin or take some profits and go back into my position.

This is risky, it’s not quite as easy as I’m making it out to be, however if you can start to read other peoples behavior and read the masses psychology towards investing you can do pretty well if you manage to be patient and only get in and out when your fairly certain you will make money.

I’m always curious to hear your guys trading strategies, predictions and altcoin picks so drop your comments below…

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