How To Day Trade Stocks | Using Finviz 2018

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What’S going on Traders welcome back to livestream here today, so haven’t been as active on YouTube as I’d like to be so, I figured I would come on today and explain you guys how you can use are not Robin Hood.

Sorry, how do you can you send this to scan for stocks and then trade them alright? So what am I show you pretty simple? It’S not very complicated and I think you guys can really grasp what I’m about to put down. There’S a couple things right to a lot of times: I’ll get the question: how do you find stocks? Himirror hola a lot of questions? I get hope I pronounced that right.

So let me name off a few, a few things that I get all the time. A lot of questions so for what big question I get is a: how do you find stocks to trade so that will partially be answered? Who was you know? How do you find all the socks that I trade, which is another one, and how do you scan for stocks yeah? I still use fenders from Huron from day-to-day, so I use trade-ideas.

I still have thinkorswim scanners from time to time, I’ll pop on been busy and you spend business really depends on the situation right. So, if you wash all my, The Nest is probably going to be a little bit of a repeat might be a little bit different. So if you want to stay tuned for sure I have not, then you know you probably.

I already know what I’m about to put down here.

So, what’s going on guys today we’re going to cover on finviz how you can build a simple dinner and walk you through all the criteria and what exactly you’re using it for and why it’s picking up the stocks that it’s picking up and so on and then We’Ll kind of look at the stock charts at some of the Stock’s, the scanner picks up and kind of show you what you’re really looking for any particular stocks and then we’ll go to pass stocks and show you how they performed based off of this particular scam.

What’S going on are so cdti, yes cdti! I haven’t watched it recently, but I know this morning it popped up and what kind of cream I would still popping off. Okay, so any who I’m going to go ahead and start sharing my screen and we’re going to look at and make sure to either write these down, follow along or always would come back and revisit this video cuz. You could show you exactly how you can use Define 70s penny stocks.

Don’T you know that the other day is going to be completely free? This may be everything that you’ve been looking for all right. So here we go alright.

So let me get the sharing my screen here: boom boom, all right cool for you guys. So let’s go to finviz. Com right.

So this is the home screen. We’Re not going to die too much into some other things on finviz, but all you need do is go over to the screen out, which is right here and actually let me do one thing real fast before we get going on this, so I can some some Tools before we get started all right, so we put this up here, alright cool and you need to go right here.

This is your first step is to go to the special put this in red. First step is: go up here to screener all right, that’s you’re! Going to go first, so once we go into screener here alright, so you have a bunch of different criterias in different input, so you can put for us. You know your scanner, but just go straight here.

Go right to all going to go! Next is into this all 10, so it’s going to their click, all alright suit! Mark the chyme a circle. These couple on couple categories are going to be using it.

So first things: first we’re going to be using switches right here. Next, we’re going to be using, where is it at? Where is it at? Where is it at? This? Is the next change we’re going to use relative volume we’re going to use a current volume? We’Re also going to use not change from open, but I guess you could we have so we have price right. We got price percent change, relative volume and current volume.

This is really all you need, so you could also a I’ll talk about this last late.

You could also use average volume and I’ll and I’ll. I talk to you why you could use average volume in a second here, but the ones I Circle here. These are going to be.

The main categories were employee right. So the first things.

First, you want to go into price, so we going to price. Ideally, if you’re going to be searching for penny stocks, clearly you’re going to want to search for anything under $ 10.

A note that a penny stock is anything under $ 5. Okay, no understand that when you’re trading a penny stock or if you’re looking for paying stocks or what is a penny stock, a penny stock in the stock under $ 5, that’s just plain and simple: that’s! It is what it is. But you know for this video and when I’m usually scanning all due under $ 10, because he can help you, it gives you more options.

Sometimes, so we go under 10 and, as you can see right now, we have 1655 different options of stock.

That’S way too many, so that’s why you keep kind of filtering it down so now we’re going to go to percent change, we’re going to go and put the percent change 5 %. Now we only have a hundred 44th or start 114th stocks to look at next.

Will go to relative volume? I will put relative volume over to now. We have 47 stop, and now we go to current volume and we’re going to do current volume know this you can play with, but I’d recommend looking anywhere for current volume over 1 million or over 2 million. You can also fiddle around with over 750,000, but me personally, when I use this, can I usually do over 1 or over too so, for this video will go over 2 million now we only have 10 stocks watch.

What happens if I go to over 1 million? If I go to over 1 million 23 different potential stocks, we can look at alright. So before we go further, let me explain all of these categories.

Alright, so let me go back and I’m in Markham right, so we have percent change up relative volume over 2 and we’ll just use over 1 million. You can input in this different skin or in the skin.

But if you input too much, then you’re not going to get any stocks, but this particular scan cried under 10 up 5 % relative volume of 2 and over 1 million.

It gives you a good amount of socks to give you 20 free pencil stocks to search for that might even be good.

Alright, that’s you know fathomable. We can actually work with that Steven.

That’S not too many stocks to digest 23 stocks. You can definitely sit through in a night, it’ll be a little bit of work sure, but it is manageable.

Alright! So now let me actually I’m going to flip the screen it to me real fast on the flip it back me. I want to explain this.

You know in person right so right now on the scanner we have price under 10 relative volume, over 2 % change up 5 % and current volume over 1 million. So going left to right.

What are all those categories? Will I explain the first one price? That’S the most important, ideally kind of right, you’re searching for stocks that are penny stocks or you want to search for something under $ 10, you’d, obviously put under 10 right.

That’S point: simple prices, easy the next one over change, where we go up 5 %.

What that’s doing when you put it in the scanner? So I’m noting this so that you guys can understand why you’re putting these different inputs. So the reason we do up 5 % is because well for most people they want to find a stock going up right.

So you want to stock going up for one it needs to be up. Usually too do you want a good stock to trade chances? Are it’s probably up on the day or it had a day in which it went up and didn’t go down. Three we’re looking at stocks, primarily when you use the scanner you’re going to use at night.

So when you stock market closes the Bell Rings, this is when you typically run this game.

You don’t run into the well.

I guess you could.

You can run in the morning, but most people like to build watchlist at night, I’m personally a morning guy but for most people is when you’re just starting it’s easier to do a scan at night, because you have more time to gather your thoughts and get a Plan together so a night time, you’ll run the scan it when you put that change up 5 %. That means you’re scanning for stocks that are under 10 dollars and have gone up at least 5 % on day minimum 5 %.

That could have 100 mm. But your scanning for at least up 5 % on the day, so you’re going to pick up stocks at least gone up, 5 %.

In the reason we like to do this again at night or way before the Market opens cuz. This can help us find stocks that have had a green day and possibly will continue up the and, if you notice or if you been training long enough to know a lot of time, stocks that continue running up, they usually have a day where they pop up And then they’re just done and then the next day they take off right.

So this will help you find those stocks before a lot of time to run happens right.

So the next one down is relative volume.

We are going to do with relative volume. Do over 2in to understand relative volume, all relative volume stands for is, ideally the stock is reading it two times more or two times it’s regular or normal right, it’s spreading to time more than it usually does or volume that it usually does, meaning it’s picking up Right and if you are relative volume, one one-to-one is trading very average, is relative.

Volume is too that means is trading to times its normal or average all right, and then the volume right now current volume, that’s pretty obvious.

Your scanning for current volume want to be scanning for stocks with high volume or they’re, treating relatively large sums of volume, because those stocks that are going to tend to do or perform well, alright. So now that we covered that, let’s look at the stocks right, so you have these different. I hear a l t a n y, a bunch of them right, so we’re going to do.

Is I’m actually going to shrink this page down here once and we’re going to look at these stocks hand-in-hand on a stock chart right so drink this down, just a wee bit more, so we’re just going to put these different stocks here on the right. Let me close down a few things over here, so we don’t need any of that for right now, alright! So following along, if you’re following along and you’re keeping up, please do I give me like a little yes or thumbs up in the comment section all right. So real quick, let’s go down the first one here, so the first one is Alt that hold on one.

Second, let me organize, like so are: are young move that up there and buy the Boom all right? So so sorry, sorry, I’m not sharing my screen here. We go, of course I wasn’t so here we go now they’re.

Looking at my screen, all right now do you can actually see it.

My screen here important things to note: are the stocks so we’re going to start looking at a few of these stocks. Give me just one more second: let me organize and move it up like that, alright, so the first one on the list is Alt, it’s not guarantee they’re, always going to find the most perfect stock on this watch.

This till like this right here right, if you’re going through this particular stocks, you can easily look at the stock and say this is garbage and you don’t want to trade it. Why would you not want to trade it? Well, I can tell you if stock ever looks like this chances, are it’s not a good stock to trade, so you can easily just skip right over Alt buy one quick look next, one on the list is a & y, so, as you can see, a & Y actually had a pretty good all right. I had a pretty good day now.

Sorry, let me get all the stuff off and why I had a pretty good day today. If you were to use the scanner yesterday night chances are, you would have picked up a and why you would have picked it up yesterday and you could have had it on your watch list for today and you see what it did exactly so, let’s double-check just To make sure the scan would have picked it up yesterday, so just a double.

We can go from the start from yesterday and we can go up so it opened up in about $ 0. 37, so it definitely was up more than 5.

That is actually up. 31 % yesterday, if we look at the daily chart from yesterday, it had oversea yesterday this would have been yesterday.

It had over 2 million shares of volume, so the scanner would have found it.

Yes and you would have actually been able to trade it today. So this particular stock based on the scanner, you would have found it 8 and why yesterday, so you have been on find any on this day. Excuse me, I’m obviously a little rusty here, so you will find a n i a n y yesterday and have it on your watchlist for today.

Alright, so let’s go to the next one. This one down the list is, why did you just? Why did you get all weird their next? One, less is a Rex, so are X chances are I mean this isn’t really like if a stock looks like this again, isn’t something you wanted a tree.

That’S not just not good enough to really date rate.

So you wouldn’t really want to mess with that. Okay, so let’s go to the next one on the list see if there’s anything else. Okay in this is exactly the process you go through all in the night on the scanner.

Also, a rql was up, but it again right. These aren’t necessarily stocks. You want to day trade.

The and the chart pattern. Just really is not there. Okay to bigflo, probably alright, continuing down the list.

80 is atis again. Look at this to lower volume, not something you really want to trade, so you can easily is go to this very quick next, one cdti cdti.

So what what’s happening is cdti being picked up on the scanner from today. So let’s say that you didn’t even know cdti started taking off running this scanner, you run it at night is going to help you find this Doc cdti and look at cdti. I guarantee you Libyan play tomorrow.

It might end up coming down, but I can tell you a ton of people going to watch it. So real quick. Let me explain to you what it is that you’re, usually looking for for stocks on the scanner.

Cuz cdti is a pretty good exam all right when you use the scanner you’re using it at night time, which means they are trying to find stocks play for the following day. So when you use this particular scanner on this, will you really looking for stock? That has gone up as you can see here. Secondly, you’re looking to see if the let me write on the screen, what you’re really looking for you’re looking for stocks that go up and hold their High by the closing bell, and what I mean by that is, if you look at DTI, it went, it went Up and I came down when backup came down with backup or what is it doing, it is trending up, it is trending up.

So what you’re looking for is the stock? That’S going up with pretty good volume in by the time the stock market closes. You want that stock to be relatively it’s high of day.

The high today is at 1:52 right now, the socks at 1:41, its only 10, stop the high.

This means that come tomorrow. This thing has a pretty strong chance of coming up in breaking through today’s high. In going higher tomorrow, okay, what we’re not looking for, let me explain what we’re not looking for and I’ll.

Do it like this we’re not looking for a stock that goes up comes down if it goes up again and then rashes before the end of the day, because if it goes up and then it crashes before the end of the day, the likelihood that it’s going To can you up tomorrow, in break through its previous day’s high, is very unlikely again we’re trying to find stock that have the possibility of continuing up the next day in the only for the way that we get a high probability. Chance of that happening is if the stock is trending up or is pops up and just hold sideways and stays up towards its hired, a price which will be right there? Okay, so that’s what we’re looking for! Let’S use another example: all right, so we go down.

Cheeks Oche right to check did go up 5 %.

Now it’s downright you know it’s still up fibers right, so you can see it up and then it came up so late this.

This is a stock that we most likely would not want to watch. Excuse me, this is the stock we would most likely not want to watch for tomorrow.

Why is that? Well because it popped up, they just paid it out all day. So the likelihood that this is going to come up tomorrow is not very high. It’S very low! Okay just buy a quick look through going to the next one that was cheeks.

Next, one wasn’t clne Melanie again. This is not something we want to trade or day trade because of the particular stock chart you can tell this is not so, and it’s fun to day-trade.

It’S just not quick enough right.

You would have had to wait from 9:50. All the way to 11, just for the thing to move was at that 7 to $ 0. 17.

That’S boring, okay, dffn! This is a really low price stock but yeah again you’re the perfect example.

If you come across talk to look like that, that’s a No-No exit out, take it off your watchlist. It’S not worth day-trading! Okay on to the next one. Again, it’s just a rinse and repeat every single time.

He snv again like this.

That’S a No-No. There’s! Just not enough volume there ENT again, not necessarily was something we wanted a trade. It’S just doesn’t have that particular set up and look at the chart.

That’S a No-No, so you can send it on the list. Geng again. No, no, the charts born these are stock.

Do you might be able to swing trade but not necessarily day-trade? Okay, next song, with h, USA, that’s a No-No, that’s boring! I am empty. I am empty, that’s a No-No! Well, that’s boring lmfa. It could have been good, but it’s not okay.

So this is another example right look at it go off and then it crashes before the end of the day. The likelihood that LMFAO going to continue up tomorrow is not very it’s just less likely to finish going through this, so I can drill it into your. Had onvo onvo now this isn’t a bad example granted.

I would never do trade a stock if it looks like that, so for your for you guys never day trade or enter into position trying to exit that same day when a stock looks like like this, it’s just it’s not worth it and it’s kind of risky Tubiana, so when you look at it like this looks like a 20-day chart ready. So if you were to run this scan a couple days ago a couple days ago, but maybe you know 5 days ago 6 days ago, you would have mail that you would have been able to find this particular stock.

You could have entered for swing trade and now you would have been up – maybe 20 % of your trade again, not a day trader, but a swing Trader nasic.

I will show you here in just a second or well.

I’M going to this is going to be posted to my eye. Sorry, this is going to be posted to my YouTube channel, so you can go back and watch the beginning and it will have all the skin criteria laid out for you if I eat.

If I look at this one right, you could have run this can no, maybe maybe probably not probably want to pick it up, because it was too low volume all right plav. What about this? One? Here’S a good example of what, where looking for writing pops up Fades out all day, so not the best example they’re, either alright scan, which is right here, price up 5 % over to regular volume and 1 million right.

So that should help you find some penny stocks now you can always do this as well right. You can always do this. You can change the price and go.

Let’S say you want to do over or under the sea under 40 right and you could do and then you could do.

Research under 40 still doesn’t come up with all that. Many stops.

There’S a few different ones in here about it.

Just a few different potential stocks look at this one AZ UL! I don’t know what this was all about, but let’s check it out all right so to light up volume to day trade. What do you know? It came right off a reversal? Okay, so this particular scan you should and or will definitely help you guys find some good stocks all right one.

Second, so does anybody have any questions, scanner or any questions at all regarding what it is you’re looking for. So, to be honest, I don’t think it was.

I just pulled up real fast here. We going books in this offenders does not allow you on their free scanner.

It does not allow you to scan based off of float yeah. They don’t actually have a float than a short float, but they don’t.

We have a float particular box unless I’m looking at you, I’ve never found one exactly so they don’t have a float or okay, so you’re saying float short box right, so that is particular how many shares short write the flow, how many shares of the float short, Which really want it? We really won’t work for this particular scanner. Alright, so Dennis.

Does anybody have any questions that I could clear up for you on scanner, what it is you’re looking for? You know it in really how you go about trading them actually, something else. I will mention alright.

Let me pull up my stock chart again.

So, let’s use OU’s a CNS, for example cuz that was the Stockdale, was all gung-ho on today. The SNES SNES yeah. That’S the one example perfect example right: let’s say yesterday, you didn’t know that se or SNES was I’m so real, quick I’ll get to the questions.

I just want to map this out, for you talk about this real quick so that particular scanner would have found SNES.

Yesterday, if you ran a scam, you would have been no find SNES yesterday.

This is something you’re looking for a perfect example, a stock that went up all day and look what it closed really high. Basically, it ran up all day long.

It ran up all day long into the clay and just kept going up something like this. We would look and say this has a strong chance of continuing up tomorrow and look what it did right Tom and ran up from a dollar fifty to a dollar 90 which of the $ 0. 40 game, they’re, okay.

So that is something we look for it. This is a prime example of SNES run the scanner and look for a stock.

Today has pretty good volume right and it ran up all day. It closed near the hi price, which means it has a good chance of running up the next day. Alright, and if you use that scan, you would have been no find this Dock and have watch list for today, alright, in the lasting, lasting before I get the quest.

The way that you play this right is because, if the stock is going up all day and it closes at a time what your typically looking for is an entry all marked as often green, is there usually looking for an entry above the aftermarket high or you Be looking for an entry over the the previous holiday, which is like right here, okay, so also look at this look at this. Let me Zoom at hold on a second, let me zoom in so you noticed.

Look at this look at that where the price closed. Yesterday, which was right here right and then look at free market so yesterday, and then also I’ll, do that right I’ll do like right here, ready so like right. There there was this channel right created from yesterday’s close, where I’m marking the yellow air that was yesterday’s holiday and yesterday’s closing price.

Sorry, I always do that.

My bad, my bad, my bad here we go here. We go.

I love you guys. I apologize I suck at what I do so here you go alright. So now I have everything mapped all for you guys so now they’re back to my screen.

So here we go with SNES.

Let me restart your for you guys, and this is why you guys love me so much because I’m completely human ready. So so here it is right, so this is SNES right and it grinded up all day long and that’s primarily we’re looking for on the scanner.

Is a stock that goes up all day long and it closes really high. So let me show what you’re really looking for again right, so Marcus off in green.

This was yesterday’s high today and if look at the stock premarket look where it came and it started bouncing yesterday’s holiday created the support level pre-market.

Okay. So that’s looking for a gay, so yesterday’s holiday, it was holding up support pre-market.

So that tells you right now that, for whatever people are starting to buy the stock off of yesterday’s high a day or try to keep the price up they’re trying to keep it above yesterday’s high of day because of yesterday’s higher price breaks through then this will Most likely continue down also note on these type of place. Most Traders are looking for an entry over the premarket High, which was right here. Obviously you can see that that which is right there.

Alright, that’s typically the way you play it you’ll play for a break over the Marquette High or you’re, going to play for a break over the previous High a day, but since the stock continued up in the after-hours trading, it already broken through the do. You know the yesterday time all right, so that’s kind of what you’re looking for right. Let me give you another example.

Let me think of a stock, you know, and maybe I can think of one. I don’t know if I can go and yeah. I know.

That’S not a good one was another auph. Let me go back a couple days yep here we go time frame, we’re going to changes to go we’re going to do with like 10 days and we’ll do one minute. So he was kind of example.

What this particular stock now granted this one was lower volume, but this should still for the purpose of the video ready, for example. I know this is lower volume. I don’t recommend trading stock and then just low on volume.

Datrium, you can small size for a swing trade, but they treating it gets going to challenge but see what happened ready the stock pops up in what to do. It ran up by the end of the day and it closed the stock closed up really high.

The reason we look for that is because a hold on, let me do this is because of the stock closes really high.

That means the next day. It only has a little bit to go before it’s breaking through the previous hi-so ready. Let me map this out with arrows right so right here this is the high today, let’s just say this was this: it’s just, for example, video purposes.

This was yesterday. Let’S just say this was yesterday yesterday: auph pops up, and it Rose’s right here in this – is the high today that means coming into the day’s trading.

All the has to do is go up about 5:10 cents before it has a previous day breakout or a previous day’s holiday break up.

Now you understand it. If the snow close is really high on the day, it is a good chance. It’S going to come up and try and break through that hide a price from right there and that’s your entry right there don’t be shy, don’t get scared! Just pull the goddamn trigger you never going to make any money in the market.

If you don’t just buy, buy something. Okay, don’t be scared about losing just take the goddamn train. Alright, so you pop up, if you hide a breakout, you take your entry all right and then look what ends up happening.

The thing ends up pushing up all day, long red easy.

I’M saying, and that’s typically, that that’s basically that you’re looking for looking for stock, that pops up holds its high and the next day continues up and master looking for a continuation play ideal.

Ideally, ideally, this is the day we’re looking for Freddy. This is this.

Is the day we’re looking for this one the first day we’re not so much concerned about the second day, but we want the first day. That’S what you’re looking for you looking for the 1st or the start of the move and the continuation plan the second day.

Alright and then yeah, so that’s about it.

That’S that’s really! All I got for you.

I mean, of course, he’s like a little bit more. I was into it like a big old will you do this year and then, at the end of the day I mean that’s right there that’s, but that is what we call a continuation play.

Another to hold on hold on. I got some more for you show me share my screen this time. Let me share it real, quick to help you understand it in a different manner.

How do you want you know what you tuned in a little late, just make sure to restart this video when I get done and you’ll have all the scan Criterion, finviz you’ll know how to find it. I showed everybody how to find it. You just probably tuned in a little same thing with Martin Martin.

You probably tune in a little bit late, so when this video gets done, just go back and rewash the beginning of it and you’ll know how to find the stocks to all right now.

Let me do this real fast, then I got to end then I got to head out here, but let me show you this stock TTD, alright forehead! This is another good example. This is a higher price stock.

Butt continuation plays are the same thing. Every single time, ready show like look at this one here.

Alright excuse me feel like this ready stock popped up and it had good earnings right.

Of course, this might be a little bit different but see how it went up ready and then it closed time once one second one. Second, let me give you this example right here. This is a good example of a continuation play where the star turn up all day and it held its highs and it continued up the next day.

That was a good example when it stock, it holds its highs, and it continues the next day also know if you look at the daily chart ready. This is what we do stock close as strong.

If you look at the daily chart, this is what it means when a stock close on a strong day that candle that candle, that candle alright, because that means the stock went up all day and it closed basically a it, never really came down it just kept Going up all day, what’s not a strong close would be a day like this. You see this in this day here today. That’S what we called, not a strong clothes where the stock goes up, but by the end of the day it comes down.

This can be for finding day trades and for swing trades, alright.

So that is really all now. That’S really all I got for you. I ain’t.

No, I said a couple times, but really all I got for you on this one guy, so I hope that helps.

Oh, so, ideally to recap it for you, alright. So to recap this: what you’re doing is your using a free scanner using some basic skin criteria? That’S going to help you find stocks that had a good day. They went up and then you’re looking to see which one of those stocks on the scanner closes really high for the day, and then you map out the holiday resistance and then you’re looking for the stock to break out of that high today, the next day.

Okay, so Granite right, it doesn’t always work out perfect, but I can guarantee you. I can guarantee you this.

If you take the invoice, I gave you in this video. I promise you. If you take the info, I gave you this video and you do it every night.

You do this. Every single night you’re going to start seeing a repetitive process or so you’re, going to start seeing repetitive, stop and the repetitive pattern, and then you’ll start to learn how to trade. The continuation play all right.

I promise guaranteed. I know for a fact so make sure to do this. Every night run that scan look at the stocks, make sure have relatively good volume and we stay relatively good volume.

You know what a good volume stock looks like go. Take a look at any of the stocks I mentioned, it said they’re, not good volume, stocks to look really choppy and then a good volume stock is one that doesn’t look choppy. It has full candlesticks star this process over and over and you’re going to start finding.

Some pretty good stocks early on to trade, all right yeah, so there there’s more that goes to TTD. I wasn’t using it for a simple explanation, so I hope you guys, like the video, do please give me a thumbs up hot out. That helps me get my videos out there, but at the end of the day, do use that scanner.

I hope you guys like a little quick lesson.

I’Ll do more things in the future, as I get around 2, but at the end of the day, since you got your tuning in make sure to tune in tomorrow for another lystra in the morning for our watch list and if you guys ever want to join Into our premium chat, room and life, treating room, it’s the first first hello, also if your new joint or Facebook group or free chat room.

Basically, everything you need to know about me or stay linked up with me and RT is all Below in description box other than that stay, green and I’ll see you tomorrow morning.

Alright guys take care.

How To Day Trade Stocks | Using Finviz 2018

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