How To Day Trade For Beginners – My 99% Profitable Trading Strategy LIVE DEMONSTRATION

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Hi guys today, what I want to do is I want to go ahead and a trade for you guys, I’m going to show you exactly how to buy a stock on daily basis. I know somebody said this before, but now I’m demonstrated for you with real money going to show is exactly how to analyze a stock have to enter a stock, and what do before Stock Market opens okay.

So today my stock is going to be Delta Airlines. Let’S talk, I’ve got in and out of, for the past two years I buy and sell that stock, so Delta Airlines. For me, I’m going to jump in the Sarah Lawrence just because it has a report today which I’m just out of lies and it’s amazing.

Some of the shows exact how to unlock is that report and how to jump in so here’s I’m going to tell you now before we do that.

I will tell you later the same things that I’m going to say.

Remember when the Catalyst catalyst is the owner of Fort, if they’re on the report is good, you know shows bro. It might want dinosaur expected, then that stock is going to shoot up on, bother you, okay, what I’m going to do is already.

I don’t like the report, but I’ll do that again before the Stock Market opens wake up.

Look at the report and the way to find report in the date is that you going to announce that website. If you’re trading US stocks and you search for the for the companies that have owner, I want they, usually there any reports released before the Stock Market opens or after I prefer this before so we idolize it.

So what’s the report is great. You know I’m going to put in my shares, or even the Market opens.

That’S just going to be an outstanding going to be so. I was just going to be waiting for Stock Market opens today by the shares. So I’m going to do that.

Okay. 10.

Minutes later, I’m going to sell everything because of stuff I’m going to take the profit, a small profit, and I guarantee you like before 30 minutes later, the stock, like the stock, is going to pull back after shut off, going to pull back so 10 minutes. 5 minutes even to shoot, take one 2 %, sell liquidate and short black soap for now for beginners just play okay and get out don’t sure before I passed by it text, you percentages and short, that’s the way to trade. I’M going to show you exactly how we do that we need Catalyst in a, and there are no report is the catalyst.

So that’s not what’s going to affect the stock shut off on on on on daily basis, so Delta Airlines. Today it’s either going to go up or down. I know that’s going to go off because of their report and that’s exactly the direction that I’m going to jump in okay.

So let’s go ahead and jump onto the computer and look at how we tried I’m going to show you the love demonstration, how you guys can do it on daily basis, so hopefully today cuz highway, so yeah! Let’S do it.

I got so it’s 917 New York time, which is one of the New York Stock Exchange open.

What I want to do is I want to search Delta Airline because that’s the stock I do want to buy. The other report was great today, so I’m going to buy that stuff before even before you in the stock market, open.

Okay, so we’re going to check Delta Airline clb, probably the top story on the day. So you can see here. Delta Airlines out of her chair, falls down but feeds expectations, and that’s all that matters is that we beat the analyst expectations, which is you know about the report, Legacy Hair exit expected 153, but I got one for 7, so it’s pretty Good, that’s all that doesn’t matter about anything else as long as they as long as they are the reporters girls, you know, that’s all that matters so yeah, just analyze it all you need is to see that I met expectations, expectations or a beat expectations.

Okay, remember is the analyst expectations which you can see on the website.

Nasdaq website you’ll see that the animals expect that vacancies already pre-market shooting up, and that’s all that I’m not mad at you know if you’re, if you don’t know how to unlock a report, just look at the pre-market how the free market is doing, and you can See it’s in the green it’s already or what 1.

42 % up okay! So what you look at the pre-market, I’m not using all trying to be honest, but yep remark will tell you exactly where the trend is going.

So if you don’t know how to unlock Workforce just look at the pre-market – and I will give you everything you need to know so yeah you can see the articles are about the other report it’s early in the morning, so they all release it about 30 minutes.

Before the Stock Market opens and then on, the Stock Market opens. Does everyone who trade in on that day is looking for that catalyst? So everyone is looking for Delta Airline, Okay, so being out there is tracks and they’re going to be know exactly what they do and they’re going to take. They got to take the prophet just like you’re, taking the profit they’re going to jump in as soon as the Market opens and they’re going to sell.

So let’s go ahead and buy guys, but I’m going to put my order now.

Micro prices going to go straight in, I don’t care because it’s going to volume is going to be pumped as soon as the market open. I want to jump and you don’t take the taken with the volume, so we just bought it.

So we put the order in twins in 4 minutes, that’s going to be bought and we’re going to go ahead and start start making money. Hopefully the train was our way.

So two minutes left okay. 2 minutes left – hopefully she sits, carries never, I guess just exciting. As well for me, you know it’s in my favor time just waiting for the stock market Dow when guys want to stock market over this.

Like Christmas, you know pre-market issue, an open One Direction and that’s in the green zone and that’s where we’re going we’re going to go by it wasn’t shorts. Okay, while we’re buying the shares and we’re going to get in I’m going to cut out in two minutes or so don’t let the stock go further. 5 minutes.

That’S all! That’S all you have in the stock when the Market opens and get out 10-minutes. You sell everything 10 minutes max, you sell.

Everything goes okay, so one minute left, I’m scared! Now here we go, I’m not going to happen exactly what’s going to happen, but that’s how much degree doesn’t get in my way. So here we go guys when charged is now. Let’S talk is chewing opposite seeing all these people are selling the people who, before on the data selling their positions, but the people that want to jump in today that Bond the positions to help me the volume of today’s going to shoot the store in the prophet Zone you can see 200-400, I don’t care, I’m not scared.

Remember don’t get scared cuz if you 100 * + either. So, let’s just wait for this and see how this goes: okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, I see so. Okay, that’s not a problem! I’M there! You go there, we go, there plus500 account the stock issue in Ark and that she is very difficult for me to record and talk and then – and you know, make money on this stock.

I don’t care about this.

Talk, I’m just kind of doing that demonstrate this.

For you guys, so we can go ahead. Don’T leave your eye you’re. I must not, like you know, keep your eye on the stock and the position.

So this is just a chat candlesticks that you that you might need if your day trading, I don’t know why. This hasn’t changed just yet, but yeah it should be changing guys. Here we go here.

We go look at this shoot up guys, I’m going to take my I’m going to I’m going to have to cut this video and my profit from this video and there we go hungry or 43 Euro is going to shoot. I’M going to sell the position, I’m going to assure that position, but try to make this video you guys I’m going to I’m going to close the position actually and then maybe shorter, lighter, but yet there you go one month. That’S all that matters cuz! We were in the roads today.

Okay, we did, let fear play with her.

Emotions within left fear interfere with us, that’s how the trade cuz that’s exactly what happens when the report is good, the stuff shoots up, and it’s going to pull back down to you.

Okay, this is it the cookie crumbles guys run.

If you have anything you, let me know we’ll talk about it.

I make sure it’s genuine and something that I haven’t answered. My other videos, I mean you got to keep me motivated, subscribe comment like whatever I’m going to.

I want to know that you guys were more videos like this, so we can actually do it then put them up. Otherwise, I’m just going to give up on the so yes, hopefully you guys enjoy this. I think I explained it very well.

Another video.

How To Day Trade For Beginners – My 99% Profitable Trading Strategy LIVE DEMONSTRATION

Trading with degiro : Thank you guys for the support, Today I’m treating you guys to a live trading day where I show you how to day trade stocks for beginners, AND WHAT TO DO BEFORE MARKET OPEN. and also my profitable strategy and we come out profitable at the end.

How To Day Trade For Beginners

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