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Hey welcome everyone. This is Mike from so-so stockwatch. Com in this.

Is your stock watch list for Wednesday, the twenty end of June before we get into the watchlist couple of things I wanted to go over? I wanted to thank everybody who came into the free chat access today, and I we had a very nice day and I thank you for taking advantage of the free chat access day goes on tomorrow, which is Wednesday and Thursday.

I just want to show you a couple of things that we did in the room today, trxc right I every morning I get on the microphone at about to 8:40 8:45 a. M.

Eastern time at my room opens up at 6:45 a. M.

Eastern time every morning, and it Goes till 7 at night. So as I’m doing this video, actually my room is still open, but we go through a different stocks that we’re going to have in our watch. Now yesterday we tried to trade trxc and we wanted that break a 5.

So I reminded everybody at 9:12 in the keep our trxc and that $ 5 spot on watch.

I let’s go to look at the chart of trxc like I said we tried to trade it in the afternoon and never broke through five pulled back on us, so we took a small loss on it. Yes, but I told everybody over the microphone keep an eye on this thing. If it gets over with that $ 5 spot, we could get that pussy and we’ll push.

We did get alright trxc breaks up above 5 and just basically ran for the whole entire day.

Went up to $ 5. 70 for trxc another we did in the service at about 9:43 a. M.

I’ll, highlight it for you right there, a b i l called over the microphone there’s a stop. 1075 $ 11.

10 is the trigger. On a a b. I l now it’s over the microphone hears our entry a b.

I l you’re not going to believe this. This really happened.

Okay on a Abi, a stock went from the break of $ 11.

10. All right and I popped all the way up to $ 14. The whole trading here and then a further move up on a bil, so that was another trade that we did in the service at at 9:43.

About 10 minutes later we’re watching xbio right at the 953 am xbio 505 entry put in the room at 505.

At 954 stop 485 xbio right! Let me get this out of your way: XP! Here’S! The trigger 505 2-minute chart you’re, looking at with coming out of this consolidation over that five Five Spot in the stock ran up to close to $ 9 right now. I can’t sit here and tell you.

I got all this up to $ 9. I wish did, but I did get up to about $ 7 on this name as a came out of the second, to Halt all right these little spacers. Are you see where the stock was on circuit-breaker Halt and then I? Finally, I got out appear at around a $ 7 on II, halt on xbio.

So that’s a couple of the alerts that we did in the service today and today was free.

Can access to the service if you’re interested tomorrow is Wednesday will be open to the public tomorrow on my email address is and they’re in the description box, so you can go ahead and email me and we’ll get you access into the room for two day and Thursday of this week – and I can come kick the tires for a couple of days with us, so that was basic. All I needed for the day. Those two three trades and you know, was Off to the Races and I pretty much a relaxing day after that.

Now, let’s look at the Spy all right and then we’ll go through show me the news that came out after hours. Let’S look at the Spy right, you know if you’re a bull, you have to say: okay well at least we held the 50 SMA. The Bears did not crack the Lowe’s from yesterday that 269 holds held above the 270.

If you’re a bear, you could say: well, not a very convincing candle here on the spike have an indecisive candle so the way either way you want to look at it. Half a glass, the glass half empty or Apple, but you know we held the 50 SMA after a big punch to the Bulls here yesterday, so maybe a little.

They were staggered a little bit but did hold up didn’t get knocked out on the spot. Here. I so we’ll see how tomorrow is going to play out iwm you know, held above the 165 area, held above yesterday’s Lowe’s.

Some of the bigger names recovered a little bit a apple I held the 50s in May Amazon.

I also I popped a little bit today. Netflix recovery there in Netflix Tesla a holding up, okay, I holding above the 200 SMA Facebook. Also, I holding up kinda trying to get back over the 200 SMA, so the generals held up today, even though we still have the power of talk going on, and I with China, between Trump and China and with the EU.

A lot of tower of talk will going on. Let me go ahead and bring over the news that came out on after the Bell that were some movers are after The Bell tonight now.

This should courtesy of the trade exchange of built for Traders by Traders. A very fast the news service in at a very reasonable price, the trade exchange right.

So this is there new, a box that I present with you. So after the Bell tonight, I’ll we had Sonic came out earnings, sonc stock of dropping down on a sonc earnings per share, beat up by 3 sense, but missed on revenue for Sonica, avav and defense named they make a drone earnings per share. Revenue beat on a VAV, but they didn’t like something in that one it so they sold it off, maybe beat by enough.

So avav came down in after-hours xtrs had news again an offering XRS last night. They had some good news, they moved it up tonight.

They come out with it and offering that not much reaction in the after-hours.

So far I see YH had some news after the Bell, but not much reaction to it. Irobot announces favorable initial determination in a patent dispute for iRobot a little volatility in after-hours, but not making much Headway either way on iRobot inventory numbers came out of the API, so Uso was moving up by in after where’s the ETF for oil crude.

I was a a drawdown of over 9 million barrels for crude inventory. Oh that’s! The API data splk came out with some news. It’S a shipper stock, dropping the after-hours, a secondary public, offering their WWE a confirms deal with a fox USA.

So WWE was moving up nicely in the after-hours.

The stock had closed around what was does 60 in the 60 handle, and I popped all the way up to a $ 72 in after-hours IFI ZZ beverage maker declined to provide a regulator with the requested figures to Clara Buy sales claims.

So I Fizz was down on that that, from the Wall Street Journal, Fizz was a train down in the after-hours.

Now PTI E, I also was dropping.

The stock had been halted.

They opened up the stock and the stock dropped about the 70-something percent in the after hours, drrx also dropping down in the after-hours tonight.

So I got some stocks with some news in the after-hours courtesy of the trade exchange of pulled by the way I had some news after-hours, I forgot to mention on fold a stock, dropping an after-hours announces European regulator and clinical updates for a one of the products. So that stock I’m moving down fold all right. So that’s some of the news after the bell.

I think there was one stock and wanted to mention.

Oh here it is a vtgn. I had earnings after the Bell, they beat buy a $ 0. 46 vtgn.

A stock was a moving up in the after-hours, so once again courtesy the trade exchange right, let’s go into the watch list stuff for tomorrow. I actually have a pretty big watch list up for tomorrow, even though the Spy didn’t do much.

I, like I said I pointed out some of those trades that we did.

There is just underlying strengthen us, a lot of these names and once they get moving like these XB iOS trxc.

Just amazing moves are in a lot of these smaller stocks. In a lot of breaks at $ 5 and they’re getting that follow through push soap for my watch list for tomorrow a b, i l, i definitely stretch deer, absolutely stretched on a bil, but if we get intraday, I setup I’ll. Have this on watch a achv.

Now 25, over 25 million shares went to achv. I was watching it today and I just didn’t want to get going, but I’ll have this one on watch enough off the bottom of a Mrs another one with 1.

9 million shares getting above the 50s nice push up today up to $ 6. 37, so keep an eye On a Mrs specialty Chemical stock, there might be interesting AR ql. I spoke about this in yesterday’s video.

I still have that 550 number go ahead.


7 million shares RSI is above the 50 spot here on the RSI, so it’ll remove.

Why keep an eye on a rql IAS CMA a five-letter stock? You know trying to get up over the 100 SMA here. You see the pop all the way to 388 today, volume 1.

1 mil, but also noticed the previous volumes in the stock big volume here and here and then expanding volume again, hey so keep this one on watch over that you know maybe 380 area, let’s see where The 100 SMA yeah is that at 95 so keep an eye on that. / 395, I should say avgr, I just couldn’t get going. 8.

8 million shares came into the name but held above the fast moving average is here just those below $ 2, so that’ll be on watch8x, as a 1.

5 million shares going to turn the corner hear the high today on this name was 279, so maybe over that 280 spot on this xas oil. It’S an Oil & Gas stock.

So it’s in the right! You know sector right oil. I moved up nicely today: Uso the ETF for oil still have that axasi watch some China names that got some volume today, a Triple C L.

Alright got the volume today Triple C L volume and then also Triple C R. Us some expanding volume now still a little bit light on the volume for my life, but they are starting to maybe get a little attention here.

So these can make us some nice move, so CCC rccl icld see another big move and I didn’t catch this one today, over 10 million shares weighted cldc once again has that $ 5 number up ahead so keep an eye on that ecyt.

Nice, steady climber here, biotech name, you know, look at maybe to see if I can get take out the highs of the day. 1. 1474.

I not very spready stock, not my favourite here volume today, over 800,000 shares still under a million table can be very spready. Intraday, but it’s been climbing, so I’ll have it on watch.

If I get a trading it IQ, you know holding this 20 SMA, maybe starting to want to turn the turn here on IQ kdmn. Alright, 2. 1 million shares came into kdmn today.

The Hyannis name was at 4:18 closed at 4:09, so held most of the games today, I’m not doing an after-hours, which is good so sneaking up so keep an eye on that I’ll course. Possible swing trade and this name as you can see. We have this resistance up here.

The high on this candle is 68-58, so maybe over that 6 9 area for Cores, it’s been pretty Rocksteady even with the market. Sell-Off leads another. I believe China semiconductor named High 458, now not an easy one to introduce trade on Leeds, but can make moves.

So I keep your eye on leads on that.

One medtronic’s also I holding up nicely here maybe over that 287 area forum Chronixx possible swing trade in that name MTB, as in Boise, nice move up today, a little bit late on the volume of 354000 shares, but a nice candle here closing with most gains and Tack. 380. The number up above so keep an eye on that.

On that and i n a k d, this big move up past 11.

I oppose back for a few days.

I we get to the 5 EMA here and it’s been hole above that has the $ 6 number up ahead. So keep that one on watch, RCM 97 volume came into RCM Health Information Services. Has that the 925 high today was 9:35 might be one you want to watch at esir, tsri, sorry, tsri, a popped up to 9 expanding volume here didn’t get a piece of this one today, but will be on watch a little bit light in the volume but Notice notice, finding volume there so might be interesting.

I Twitter is been holding up pretty well Twitter, holding a 13 EMA here holding above at $ 44 level.

There I trying to get back over the tennis Ma, so Twitter OB, I’m watching the tennis make as at 40 fivethirtyeight, so maybe over 45. It continues up a Twitter vtgn. They had the earnings after the Bell.

I will see, I don’t know they’re, not a favorite. I w i t: 2 million shares, came into WITN Nation technology.

This is been a Beatdown stock. Getting back above. The 50s may never traded this one before, but that volume caught my eye so we’ll see on that one xbio will be on watch as it got that 5 of break here today, 505 break we traded.

It pushed all the way up.

This 17. 7 million shares in the name, so xbio keep an eye on that. So that’s! Basically the watch list for tomorrow hope everybody had a good day trading.

I will have another watch list out you for Wednesday for Thursday. This is Mike from zoso stockwatch. Com.

If you’d like access to the free chat room tomorrow and Thursday, basically email me, alright, my email will be down in description box. Would love to have you come check out? The professionalism come check out the room and I hope everybody has a good night too and will be back at it tomorrow with another video. Oh by the way, just let me show you, the Futures are real, fast, ITF Futures, it’s about the 3 minutes to 7 p.

M. Eastern time.

My time Dow futures are up about two S & P: futures are up by 3.

Nasdaq futures are up the ratio on the flashlight, but not red. I don’t believe that in markets are open, yet there buddy have a good night thanks.

So much for the support for the channel. I hit that thumbs up. If you like, the videos of you having comments, are stocks you’re, looking at feel free to put him down in the comments greatly appreciated and everybody have a good day trading.

This is Mike from Zaza stockwatch. Com.

Day Trading Swing Trading StockWatch Trade Ideas 6/27

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