Day Trading Strategies ($583.15 to $335,027.71) for Beginners: Class 2 of 12

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What’S up everyone? Alright, so today I’m driving into the office, it’s a snow storm in New England, but I’m excited and that’s because today we’re hosting a special episode of behind the trades. The topic is 2017 a year in review.

2000 team was the best year. So far in my training career – and it wasn’t the best year, just because I made the most money, it was also the best year cuz I started with only $ 583.

In my account, I finish the year 330 $ 5,000 in verify game.

Today, I’m going to show you my broker statements, I’m going to show you how I did it and I really want to. Are you guys? I want you to know that being a successful Trader doesn’t require you to have a lot of money in your account, doesn’t require a background and finance is a strategy and a willingness to have the discipline to follow the rules every single day.

If you got the dedication, the drive and the discipline, the market is right here. There’S opportunities every my job is to teach you guys the strategy, so you can attack the market with confidence.

My stretchy isn’t a secret. I don’t keep the closely-held secret.

The only reason. Some Traders aren’t successful, it’s not because they don’t know the rules is because they choose so right. Here is your opportunity to learn the strategy.

What are the rules and then take the step to follow them every single.

? What’S up everyone all right so time for our 2017 review episode of behind the trades? I know you guys have been excited for this. I tried doing this life broadcast earlier in the week and fortunately the audio was all screwed up, so I ended up having that.

I cancel it and end up fixing I audio stream settings and now we’re back at it.

So for everyone watching this live simple questions in the field, I’ll come Thru and I’ll answer as many of them as I can so 2017. I started on those it G. I don’t remember the day we getting was January, 4th or January 5th start January 17 with $ 583.

In my account, by the end of the year, I grow the account at 335,000 dollars in profits, which is absolutely crazy. I’Ve never heard of anyone making that type of gain in one year was that small, the starting balance.

So one of the things that was really important to me is that I substantiate all of my claim. So if I’m going to claim that I took $ 583 and turn it in at dollars, I want you guys to know that this is real money, so you can come over to our website.

You can scroll down to the bottom and see my 2017 broker statements.

Starting I hear early in 2018, once I have my first monthly brokers. These will get posted as well.

I keep a 24 months rolling a broker statement, so 2016 is going to drop off and it’ll be 2000 17 in 2018, pretty much from this point forward. So if we go to the 2017 earning statements $ 583 balance on January 1st and the $ 335,000 of profit on December 31st and use the broker statements from the three Brokers that I use during 2017, more about you to these brokers in why I had to Use three different Brokers when we get into it, but I just so you guys know if you have any question, you know where these trades real. How much you know is we’re his commission.

Anything like that. You can see.

All of that. I right here on verify. Turning Page all right, so I’m going to push this back down here now, let’s jump in and go to the topics.

So I’m going to talk about the first 44 days of this $ 583 challenge, because these work, without a doubt the biggest the biggest days of my career from $ 583 to one $ 100,000 and 44 days March. 8Th was the day I crossed over a hundred dollars of profit.

So talk about that. We can talk about my 2017 Total games and my metrics for those of you get that, like the stupid text Mike to see my average profit loss ratios and my percent of success and all those stats you’ll be, I want to see them will talk about my Best day and my worst Day, 2017 in Oregon talk about 2018 and Beyond, and the big how to take $ 583 and turn it into a million dollars of profit.

That’S the goal in the question is not when I cross the million-dollar Mark, but just how long? It’S going to take me to get there alright, so let’s jump number one.

I got this question asked all the time. Why don’t you choose $ 583. 15? That’S a really hard starting balance, my account with sure Trader in December 2000.

I found it.

It was $ 700.

However, on January 1st, they deducted my broker fees, which were like a hundred and $ 17 or whatever it was $. 116 came out on January 1st before I was able to take my first Trainz, so I ended up starting the first day of 2017, with only 580 dollars and $ 0. 15 now.

The reason that I chose to use sure Trader is because they’re located in the Bahamas and they do not enforce the PDT rule. So how did you day trade three times a week with only five hundred bucks? In your account, I thought you needed a minimum of 25,000 and that’s true. If you go to E-Trade Ameritrade Lightspeed, you go to any us broker any u.


Broker and they’re going to say.

If you want to day trade more than 3, you need a $ 25,000 minimum balance.

Obviously, that is impossible for a lot of us and for me, with my $ 583 account, there was no way I was willing to only trade three times a week, so I had to get create and I found this broker in the Bahamas called sure Trader a Lot of people use them and the cool thing about your trailer is that don’t enforce the PDT rule, so I put $ 503 in there and I was able to day trade as much as I wanted to their minimum account. Balance is $ 500. So I plan to fund it with seven thinking.

I would give myself a little bit of a cushion in case. My first Trey was a lost. You know.

I’D have a $ 200 cushion before I had to add more, but of course they won up to me and said: let’s make this even harder. Have him start with 583 bucks and let’s see what he can if I had an $ 83 cushion before, I would have had to add more money into the account and I’m fortunate that my first three days were green days and I was able to build the Account up to over $ 1,000. Now this wasn’t the first time I had traded Wisher Trader 2016.

I did a $ 1,000 challenge.

The challenge was to see how quickly I can grow $ 1,000 in and I turned it into, I think $ 8,600. By the end of the month so X, and I knew that the only challenge would trading there really was at the commission’s would be higher.

Then I’m a custom and because commission’s you know can be obviously fairly expensive.

That meant that I had to be very selective of what trades I was willing to take. So I wouldn’t get myself.

You know chewed-up just burning commission, so I was very selective. Trade best leave the rest, and so on those first 44 days I started with $ 583 and turned it into a hundred and right over $ 100,000.

So let’s look at my Equity curve. This is a traitor view.

This is the software that I used website that I use I to look at all my metrics and what school is you can go to import trades and you can import your trades from any broker. You use, you can import them from suretrader. You can import them from Lightspeed ETrade whatever.

So, let’s look at my starting day of January, let’s see January 1st 2017 and they’re going to go to March 8th 2017 and will filter this down. Look at the 90-day view hoops that’s weird! 1-1-2017, all right there we go alright, so here we go. Here is the first, the first 44 days, so you can see on day 1 I made $ 156 $ 156 on my first day that was gross that was before commissions.

Let’S change this to net my net profit on the 1st day was three sorry: let’s go 60 days first, prophet first prophet do small. I can barely even zoom into it are right around a hundred bucks. They $ 287.

They $ 350 day for 154 day 553. Day6 200. D8.

A7. 283, so the first seven days were very slow. So let’s actually look at what was the date here at the date on this was the 11th.

So let’s look at 111, the first 7 days trading, let’s Zoom it in hundred 2580 750 hundred fifty-four.

So these are my first seven the detail.

Pnl is: I took 14 trades and I made money on all 14 of them.

Accuracy was 100 %, a total profit of 1313 dollars. Alright, so let’s get up calculator so $ 1,313.

+ 583 is $ 1,896. So, at the end of the seventh day I had almost $ 2,000 in my account and here’s everything it’s interesting. What’S your trailer? Is they give you the give you Marge, like all accounts, that you would open in the United States, you get margin.

So if you open the 20 $ 2,000 trading account with E-Trade, you get four times margin. That means you have $ 100,000 and buying power. You can trade on borrow money with sure Trader because they’re in the Bahamas, they, I guess, can choose to give you as much margin as they were.

They give people 6 x margin so $ 1,896. * 6 is 11 dollars in buying power. So on day 7.

I had $ 11,000 in buying power, even though I only had about 8 200 in the account right so very quickly.

My buying power increases on day one. I had $ 583 x 6, which is 3500 just about $ 3,500 and buying power.

So what did I do on those very first traits? Those were very pivotal. The very the first week is is so critical.

So on the very first week I was primarily trading stocks under $ 5.

That’S why I made the bulk of my Prophet. I was choosing stocks under $ 5 because I knew I could take almost a thousand shares. If I bought a $ 3 stock with $ 3,400 in buying power, I could buy up proximately 1100 shares and that meant, if I made $ 0.

10, I could sell it for a hundred and $ 10 prophet, and that’s what I kept doing.

I kept buying as many shares as I could and selling as soon as I had 10 or $ 0. 15 profit.

So one of the things that I did is and I’ll open up. This is my interactive brokers, account that I’m Trading right now, but this is actually the same platform that you use with sure Trader this Traders, a white-label software, so different Brokers use them, and so that’s actually one of the things that’s nice about suretrader is your training On software, that’s fairly familiar, so let’s go to hockey setup, alright, so add new item.

So what I did is I create a hockey to buy based on 95 % of my buying power. Alright.

So how do we create this? We go to order script. I say I want to buy order.

Shares is buying power, BP x, a percentage. I said, 9 $ 5 to buying power, multiply that times.

95 and I’m going to be take $ 3,323 worth of stock, so $ 3,323 divided by a stock.

You know, let’s say $ 6. A share. 3 26 / 3.

3 is 2200 bye.

Bye 6 will be 553 shares. Alright, so I’m taking. How do you do the math in my head, which, obviously even with a calculator, takes a second? I can just have the program: do it for me and boom it’s going to sin order for 553 shares.

Symbol will be whatever once there.

The price is going to be asked, plus a $ 0.

10. I choose my account, which this is.

My interactive brokers account my route can either be a smart order. A market-maker ecn, Time enforce is a day order and mode is load and sin JavaScript right there, that’s it so now I’m app this to Aquila. So I map it to shift + 9.

When I shift + 9, I’m taking 95 % of my buying power in that trade and that’s what I did for the first, not just the first days. I did that for like the first 2 weeks and that’s how I was able to grow my account so quickly, because every day when I had a winner, my buying power in what you meant the next day, I could take more shares and more shares and more Shares until finally, I was able to take fairly good-sized positions all right.

So, let’s see we got the first 11 day or the first seven days here, his back to 3-8-2017. This was total profit in this first 44 days of trading 100 and $ 1,280.

47 from $ 583 to a hundred grand and 44 days, real prophets accuracy, 75 % success. Average winners $ 1,300 average losers $ 1,100, so good profit loss ratio making more on my winners, and I was losing all my losers go back to the overview here. So this was my first.

You know the first 7 days that we looked at Monday 8. I had a $ 1,700 winner. I had a nice big winner and a $ 1,700 winner $ 1,700 time, six, that winter added $ 10,000 in buying power that I had the next morning, and that day I went from having only $ 10,000 to the next day.

Having $ 20,000 buying power, which meant I could start taking bigger size, I made $ 800 the next day $ 2,300 day and see not attend couple small days couple small days and then scaling back up 1900.



So here on the at the end of the month, you know I did take this account and turned it into let’s see. Profit by the end of the month was scroll back up. I think I grouped all of my shirts, your games through February 6th, because that was the last day of trade in that account so profit from January 1st February 6th were $ 41,000.

I mean seriously not bad at all, so that was the first. It was incredible. It was a really great hot streak, but things slow down for me a little bit.

So if we look back at the whole year, press filter and will click on the calendar actually, no, let’s click on detailed and two days and times alright. So this is showing us performance.

By month I made $ 15,000 in a month, one $ 60,000.

In the second month.

I really start filling up fast in the first couple weeks of February months, 3, 28000 and then here we are in April.

I lost $ 4,229. So, all of a sudden I went from having three amazing month making over $ 100,000 to having them on. I lost money and what happened was basically, you know every trade I was getting into just wasn’t working out.

I just kept getting a stop doubt.

You know that was running up into resistance, so here in April you can see. I had one two three four five 7/8 red days, where is January only had one bad day.

So you know my accuracy really turn around in in April, and I was I was pretty stressed out, but at the end of April I took a little vacation. I went to Italy and I said I’m gone slow down and focus on a quality trades and in May I did turn it around in May.

I made a profit of $ 16,000, so I got myself back into the green start, rebuilding confidence but then June I’m a blessed 8 though July and may 6300 August only 5500, and I was starting to question like what’s going on here, I’m having.

Why is trading so slow for me in the summer of 2016? A $ 94,000 is an article about me on the Huffington Post during the summer 2016 $ 94,000.

So the fact that during the summer of 2017 I only made in those three months like $ 15,000, was really come concerning I was like what’s going on and then September, I lost money again. At this point I was starting to feel really frustrated.

Just basically had a 6-month period where I only made a net profit of about $ 35,000, so I was starting to myself.

What’S going on, is my strategy not working as the market changing? Did Traders leave the stock market to go start trade cryptocurrency cuz during this time crypto-currencies were super hot and I just didn’t know what was going on. I really couldn’t quite figure it out October.

I set this plan that I would stop trying to swing for the fences because I had been trying to kind of hit home runs, so you know what I’m just going to focus on base hits and I’m going to have the goal of closing everyday. In October. Green not having a single red day and in October I made $ 35,000.

I didn’t have a single red day for the whole month, so it was my best month and terms, accuracy, green, green, green, green and then it gave me a lot of confidence going into November. Not only did I beat the profits made in October, I had the best month of my trading career with $ 82,000 in profits.

My best previously was that was February with 60,000.

Here, A Plus another 8,000 in my regular trading account may just understand $ 1,000 total profit in February November 82000, and I thought wow that’s the best month ever by a lot. No way am I going to you know that I don’t know how long it’ll be before I can break that record and in December I made $ 84,000.

The momentum continued – and here we are in January – and I finished the month with over a hundred and seventeen thousand dollars in profits. My account right now is at right around four hundred and let’s see $ 445,000 440 $ 5,000.

That means I’m 45. The way to my goal of a million bucks, it’s going to take me some time to get there, but I will get there. So I’m excited for 2018.

Butt only look at 2017. What I want to do is show you some of these metrics.

So let me back this out here: I’ll move this back down, so the 2017 Total gains in metrics I finish the year, will the total profit of actually 330 $ 5,000. This is a little bit higher because it doesn’t import Bank fees, wiring fees and there certain other fees that you got charged. So this is always a little bit higher than my actual p & l, which is why I have the statements right.

So we’ve got the statements now I traded as soon as I was over $ 25,000.

I moved my money to the. U and I started trading with speedtrader, I traded there in February March and April and then in May I decided to move my account to lightspeed trading lights.

Be training offered are students, a National, reduce commission rate of $ 2 per trade, and part of that was contingent on me being a traitor there in a course showing you their software, my trade, so I traded Lightspeed. I have a reduced commission rate as well $ 2. 50 per trade.

All of our Warrior Tunes have $ 2 per trade commission’s, which are incredibly low.

So, even though my commissions are actually a little higher than they were at speechwriter, I made the switch because it really helped her students, so as starting in May, I was at speed at light speed and that’s where I at made it through the rest of the Year, I’m still training with Lightspeed I, except for my IRA, account my individual retirement account, which is with interactive brokers, so $ 335,000 average daily as sorry average winning trade about it, though dollars average losing trade also about $ 1,000, so showing them a profit loss ratio Is close to 121, basically leaving? So that means, if I’m right, 50 % of the time, I’m break-even right, that’s just simple math.

My accuracy is 68 %. If we actually go back all the way to a 2016 and we even just go to today’s date.

What you’ll see is that 2018 you’ll see over a long period of over 1,800 trades accuracy is 68 %, so this 60 % accuracy. For me, it is really pretty proven metric.

That’S where that’s my that’s my profit loss ratio of my average winners versus my average losers, we’ll go back to 2017 % success, which is good. It’S a positive profit last. If we look at the profits by day of the week, I made the most on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but I think that’s because the best days of the year happened to be on a Wednesday and on a Thursday.

Best day was 34000 on Wednesday, and I made $ 40,000 next day on Thursday, so that helped a lot so performance by our of the day.

You guys know that I have a sweet spot. I trade from 9:30 to 10:30 11 a.

M. The first two hours.

I’Ve proven time you can own, you don’t need to trade all they long to be a profitable Trader. If you can only trade for 2 hours, you can make money 9:30 to 11:30. That’S where all my profits are.

I don’t trade in the afternoons and I don’t trade premarket.

You guys know that. I start my day when the bell rings. 9:30.

We’Ve already looked at my total profits by month of the year and now one of things I want.

So you is, let’s see, let’s look at price and volume. This is kind of interesting, so this is more detail and some of these metrics here, but I think some of you will really find it interesting, so our second alright, so performance by price, so stocks under $ 2. I made $ 43,000 on stocks between $ 2 and $ 5.

I made a quarter million dollars, 240000 hours profit, so this is my sweet spot stocks between $ 2 and $ 5 stocks over $ 5 40 box stocks over 10 19000 stocks above 20.

I lost $ 10,000, so this is my focus so when I see a stock hit, one of our scanners – and I see it’s below to I’m often going to be a little bit – cautious, see you about 5 or about 10, I’m very cautious about 10 about 20.

I ignore it, I know my sweet spot is. Between $ 2 and $ 5.

That’S why I make the most money is not surprising that I make the most when I trade, with larger size. 20000 shares is total shares traded.

So if I buy 10000 and I sell 10000, I’ve traded a toll, 20000 shares buying and selling, so anything more than 20,000 shares.

That’S not surprising! That’S the bulk of my Prophets.

Let’S see performance by intrade price range, so obviously making the most money on stocks that have a larger strange that move more than a dollar per share. Again, not super surprising there. Now, let’s look at let’s see instrument, so instrument is going to show you my top 20 save Stock’s, the ones that I love the most, and this is my list of stocks that I hate the most and I never want to hear you say the symbol cuz.

I lost the most money on and this is cumulative profit and cumulative loss, so these are my biggest enemies, and these are my best friends in 2017. This is an interesting one. My performance by the instruments volume how I performed based on the amount of volume the stock had so stocks, with less than a quarter million shares of volume.

I lost $ 7,600 on stocks, with between a quarter-million and half a million shares of volume.

I made a stocks between 500,000 shares in a million shares the volume I lost $ 5,000 on box above a million shares of volume.

I made 59000 between 2 and 1/2 and 5096000 between 5 million and 10 million a hundred thousand above 10 million and up to 24 61000 above 25 million 20 mm volume on the day.

So I do best on stocks, for the total volume is between two million and at most 25 million shares of volume traded on the day that I traded that stock. So, okay, that’s fine! Then we just scan for stocks in the last 5 days, traded more than 5 mil volume, because that’s where I make the most money.

The answer is no.

I perform best on stocks where the red volume is 500 % or higher, and that’s by far so. Why would a stock have 500 purse higher volume than average 500 % higher volume and average is the result of breaking news? It’S the result of some type of catalyst, and so what we’re looking for our stocks that have news that came out this morning, I had line this morning and that’s what propels these stocks up so quickly. That’S! What’S up, that’s what sends the stock from let’s say $ 2 to $ 3 for dollars $ 5 and hire.

Somebody focuses on stocks that I expect we’ll have high relative volume, and I expect that because of the breaking news, so that’s really important metric there.

So we don’t just search for stocks with high volume. We look for ones that are going to have high ball high relative volume today because of news Market behaviour, this one’s not fairly significant. This just says my profits, based on the movement of the overall Market, not surprising that most of my prophets come when the it is just sort of sideways, because most days the market is kind of sideways.

So nothing really as super exciting there all right next, one down win-loss citation this again.

It’S just profit loss ratio and I might average success rate and my cumulative draw down.

So the most draw down that I had at any point was $ 22,000 draw down. I would just not in Cigna I mean that is a fairly big drop but again relative to the growth I had in the account. It’S not that bad was it in May and then I had another fairly big draw down in November.

All right. So, let’s see scroll back up here, I’ll move this down, so those were my profit loss ratio about what my accuracy and my consistency all right.

Next one down, we have my profit Trifecta score.

Alright, so I talked about the profit trifecta in our Warrior Pro class. I talk about during our talk about webinars kind of realized that there are three components to being a traitor component number one is your price loss ratio? Mine is a 1 to 1. Your second component is your accuracy, my accuracy it’s about.

6874. The third component is your consistency: how many weeks of consistent profits do you have or how many months have consistent profits? Do you have so right here? The way I score this? Is you get one point for each tear? So is 6 weeks of consistent profits with 70 % accuracy, just under 70 % and with a one-to-one profit loss ratio, my scores 13 and we’re score a total of 18 points.

So your best high score would be 18 points. Now I’ve actually drop down. I was 14 and I drop down to 13 and that’s because of my profit loss ratio.

So we created this scorecard, so you can vision what area you need to focus on to become a better Trader.

That’S very clear that I need to focus on improving my profit loss ratio.

Consistency can’t get much better.

Accuracy is really pretty solid. This is the area that needs the most work. So what I need to do, cuz, I need to work on having smaller losses or having bigger winners and it’s easier to focus on smaller losses than bigger winners, because can’t control the size of our wins more in our webinar.

You guys can check out or of course, for students in our classes, but this is my score for 2017.

That’S why I finished the and I’ll be at continue to track my progress through all of 2018, so I’ll do my 2018 year in review in early January 2019, best day and my worst days of the year, the best every year $ 40,000 in profits. That is insane, that’s that’s more money than I working a nine-to-five job in New York City, going into the office every single day of the year Vernon Tire year, and I made more in one day. If you could have told me you know 10 years ago, when I was working in that office that that would be possibility, I would have quit that same day.

I would have walked out, but I took a long time to get here so second-best day was $ 33,000. The day before in 2 days I made $ 73,000 profit. Absolutely crazy, but it’s not uncommon, for me is that my big red days follow Big Green Day’s.

So big red days, where I get too aggressive, I push it too hard and I fall into the red infect. My worst red day was a 15000 November 27th, so here we have the best day and the worst day side-by-side.

Definitely in a disappointing that I had a day where I lost 15 grand that’s a substantial loss for anyone, but when it’s in the shadow of a week we’re in two days I made $ 75,000 – I think it kind of it. It softens the blow a little bit.

It makes it not quite so bad, and so things I would say, is to try to remember to keep it relative. What we’re looking at here are some pretty big numbers and that’s because number one I’ve been training for time to have a lot of confidence and number two. I in trading with large size.

The only way you can trade with large sizes when you’ve built up your these are big numbers and for a traitor has only been doing it for maybe a year. The big number would be for $ 1,000 of profit in the $ 1,500 loss right or, you might even say, $ 400 of profit and loss numbers for you for where you’re at right now for where I’m at these are.

You know my best day and my worst day now, when I think about the best and the worst day. Those are the extremes of 2017 and everything else is just in the middle lost $ 8,000 is just in the middle, it doesn’t matter, add a r.

I make $ 8,000 it’s just in the middle matter, so I try not to beat myself up on days where I’m losing five $ 8,000.

At the same time, I try not to crazy celebrating on a day when I make 8 or 10000, because those are just regular days within my range within my a standard deviation.

So you know this is a big range, but it means anything in the middle is just just a regular day. Challenges with training is that when we make money on a day when I made $ 40,000, I didn’t really celebrate. Do anything special because you know what my job is to make money? My job is to come in here every single day, take trades and make money right when I just do my job, because we don’t celebrate just doing what you’re supposed to do, but on a day when I lose $ 15,000 believe I was pretty disappointed in myself.

I was upset with myself.

I was, I felt ashamed. I felt like I am better than this. I allowed myself to be so aggressive.

I should have stopped trading sooner. This $ 12,000 loss was my last trade of the day. I shouldn’t even say this is my own fault and so that’s a challenge where the best day is just yeah.

This is my average.

That’S why I’m so to be doing and then, when you have a bad day you dip down.

So that’s kind of the emotional rollercoaster you’re really have UPS, you just have steady and then down and then down and then steady and then down so little bit of a psychological challenge with trading and encourage you guys to sort of embrace that and to try to Give yourself a pat on the back when you have had a good day or you have had a good month and let yourself off, I lose $ 15,000. The only way that wouldn’t happen is, if I decide to stop being aggressive, but if I stop being aggressive, all stop having $ 40,000 Green Day’s, and that means I won’t make 400 $ 500,000 this year.

So if I want to reach my Target’s, I have to be aggressive, and that means I have to be willing to have a $ 15,000 day. If someone came to you in look, I’m going to give you the opportunity to make $ 300,000 in one year, but you’re actually going to make 400 thousand and you’re going to lose a hundred. Fifty of it you know, or whatever hundred of it are you going to be okay with taking $ 100,000? Are you going to be able to emotionally handle it, or would you prefer to just have a job where you get the same paycheck every single week, even if you’re only making 100000 a year, which would you prefer a hundred thousand making the same amount every week Or 300,000, where you have, these big swings looking out for me.

Obviously, I’ve chosen the ladder of chosen to be more aggressive, and I have to remember that. That’S a choice that I, on those days when I am in the red and it’s okay.

This is just part of the job having Read days.

This is not a nothing wrong with it. I’M a very successful traitor. I still have red days so, if you’re a beginner trade or you’re having red days you’re getting frustrated just remind yourself of you know that being this is just part of the deal.

So we noticed on who is really strong days.

Was this incredible momentum in the market and I’ll just pull up a chart of the biggest that I had hero phc, so ophc back in November? I’Ll pull this back here. This one’s been consolidating around $ 4, but back here November, we have this morning we’re all of a sudden out of nowhere. The stock started to squeeze up, it started to squeeze up, and it’s a hit, a high of open to $ 2.

80 and a high $ 4. 80. It was halted, a circuit breaker.

It resumed higher and squeeze all the way up $ 7. It was halted again.

It opened and then resumed up and squeeze to $ 11 from two $ 11. That’S already a 400 % gain it continued higher in tap the high of 1390.

I actually was able to sell some of my shares in the 1390 s this and I didn’t get in at the very bottom. I wasn’t in the the $ 2 I got in in the middle of the move, but I rode that momentum. This was an incredible move from $ 2 to dollars in one day and that right there was the biggest trade of my biggest winner of my career.

Now lfin. It was a stock that put in an even more impressive move, and this was this was only part of the eye – sympathy that we are seeing in the market in November. Let me just pull this back here all right, so, let’s see here’s the day.

This was on this is December 18th. The momentum continuing this talk went from on this day $ 39, all the way up to $ 150 a share, a hundred and $ 42.

That was an incredible move over there. The four days it went from $ 7 to $ 142 a share. Now I didn’t trade it because I felt like well Mystics tell me I don’t do well on stocks about 20, so I’m just going to leave it alone.

So next thing I know it goes from 20 to 30 to 4 the 5216. I’M thinking! Oh, my God! This is insane.

Should I buy it here now? No, no! That’S chasing that’s giving into the fear of missing out. Don’T touch it.


70. 80. 90.

Oh. My God, okay, it’s going to pull back a hundred and ten hundred 130 a hundred and forty. It’S then halted going down and it resumes at 57 incredible.

It goes all the way from a hundred and $ 25, and it drops to 59 bounce is all the way back up to $ 96 before dropping even further in Creve I sat out I made $ 335,000 last year without trading this, and you know for me.

I just I felt like it was too risky.

I was outside my price range and it wouldn’t be a smart one to trade. Just goes to show the level of volatility that we saw in November and December.

It was just it was crazy. It was really insane. So that is really the best day in the worst day in pxs.

I can show you here.

This one was, unfortunately, a false breakout at the trade that I took, so I jump and thinking it was going to squeeze higher and it ended up completely reversing on me and I took a a really good size loss on it. So that was what they was, that that was right here.

I believe. No, that was the next day this was, I ended up making my money back on. It was this day, so on this day, I bought it right up here as it squeezed up to 3:50.

I was in at 3:50, with 10,000 shares, as you can see, a drop from 350 all the way back down to a low of $ 2 a huge drop. I lost $ 12,000. I lost more than $ 2 per share on that trade mean.

While I walk away and I’m frustrated, it ends up squeezing all the way back up to $ 5 before dropping again before the end of the day. So I made back place is on this.

Stock are most of the losses in the move here on the 1st, which is good, so I did work up. I want it but definitely disappointing day and I think the big reminder there is statistically when I have a day where i’m down more than $ 2,000 and nine out of 10 times. I will not finish that day in the green and if I keep trading, I’m going go deeper and deeper into the red.

So one of the things that I did with my speedtrader account is, I told them. If I had a day where i’m down more than $ 1,000 deactivate my account, so I can’t take any new trades and they were happy to do it because of course they did want to see me be successful in trade there for a long time, so that Helped me minimize my downside losses a little bit in the first the year.

I don’t have that same thing set up with Lightspeed. So it’s up to me to make the decision to stop and, as you can see from $ 15,000 day, I still have some work to do in that department and, of course this is what brings down high profit loss ratio? Write these types of losses really hurt.

My metric, so if I want to have my profit loss ratio for 2018 1. 5 to one or two to one, I need to have smaller losses. These losses are just too big, even here in the first part of the year, and I’ve had a couple big losses.

So I really need to tighten those up so as to 2018 and Beyond The Big Goal. For me, it to take this $ 583 account and turn it into a million dollars of profit, and when I cross that line, which is at this point just a matter of time, I will have proven that you can make a million bars in the market with, As little as $ 583 being a successful Trader does not require you to have a background in finance, it doesn’t require you to have a lot of money in your account.

All it requires is that you attacked the market every single day, with a strategy that I have a skill you develop a skill and that you’re consistent and if you’re consistent.

If you have a strategy, you can be a successful Trader during our webinars.

We talk about the three Core Concepts: every traitor needs to master in order to be profitable.

I really encourage you guys to check that out. The webinar is about an hour and a half two hours long. We host them live and we have some recorded ones as well.

Thank heard you guys take a few minutes to watch one of those webinars because they will help you become a better trainer help. You understand how to manage your risk: how to find the stocks that I’m trading everyday, how to choose strong stocks to trade and how to find the egg quality entries alright, so again, 2018. The goal is to keep building this account, I’m at 440 $ 5,000.

Right now, 45, send me the way to 100 K or to start to a million dollars. This is It’s a marathon, not a Sprint, absolutely about the the long-haul, the big picture, so I’m just settling in I’m going to be working on growing up, at least for the rest of this year.

I think if I break over a million dollars this year, it would be thanks to an strong Market. It would mean that I need to make a total of $ 660,000 this year, so I don’t know that it’ll happen in 2018.

It’S certainly a goal that I have, it may happen in 2019, but I will be working buildings account every single day. One of the other things I’m doing is trading in my IRA account. So I made a an IRA deposit for 2017 taking out the games.

Some of the my games from this account, so I made my 2017 in 718 contribution here and I’m working on building this account because of the tax advantages of growing and Ira account. The prophets as they grow are tax-free.

I don’t pay any income tax on them and because this is a Roth IRA, the profits when I withdraw them, the games when I withdraw them, will be tax-free as well. The Only Rule is it at take the money out until 59 and 1/2 years old without paying a penalty, so this money is there for the Long Haul, but hey if make 600000 or 700 or $ 1000000. In that account, it’s tax-free and it’s a really big gift for myself and retire.

So I will be trading in that account more as the account builds up right now. It’S only at $ 10,500, maybe a little bit of a process to grow that account.

But once I get it above 25000 lb able to day trade as much as I want now, I’m limited to only three times a week, because the PDT rule stop right. Now, I’m training about the counts, but eventually I’ll probably be traded. I mostly in this account and the games that I have in my Lightspeed account, will just be safer in a daily cost of living in and things like that, you know making $ 100,000 a month.

I don’t need $ 100,000 to cover my expenses for January, so it would be really nice if more of that profit, I could be putting away for you know for down the road. Alright, so anyways, that’s it for me.

I want to give you guys this 2017 year in review. Get you 2018. I can already tell this, is going to be a really great year, we’re off to a fantastic start, and I’m looking forward to seeing you you guys in the chat room at Warrior trading.

So we can teach you how to trade this Market with confidence alright. So if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below I’ll, come back an answer them later today and of course, throughout the year I’ll. Just keep back in looking at this video to answer any questions you guys have all right so I’ll, let you guys enjoy the day and I’ll see you back in the chat room thanks, everybody you’re still watching.

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