Day Trading Computer & Trading Screens – What You Really Need to Trade? 🔌💻

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In this video I’m going to talk about what trading Hardware you need, if you are day trader a swing trading if you’re serious about pregnant financial markets State shooting I tried is a very warm welcome to you. Welcome back to the video okay. So what trading Hardware do you need a seeming? You are taking this game seriously.

Assuming you want to make some good money at at suming. You want to put some decent Intuit. What do you need times have changed loads? Fortunately, now we don’t need as much stuff.

We need for fall last, which is good good news years ago in a picture. Now is my boys, my training office back in 2019, and I believe the exact time I can see that if I die screen system or was a 10-car member, the picture I’ll drop that you say anyway, because you would have one market One Market, One locking a Dealing platform hits on the sales.

You have to have all these things, because the software wasn’t powerful enough. It wasn’t really good enough to be kind of split softball pictures of much more convenient way of doing it.

Where is now, you can get away with a different setup. So now I just run full-screen most Atomic doing analysis on the laptop while I’m there, I’m looking at my Charlie package, if I’m very, very active in the day, what station, just before screens on division of Courts, shape system and that’s fun, I think two screens is What you need so, let’s talk about this first, so you definitely need two screens cuz, even if you’ll swing trading, I think, even if you’re just running a business in general, you need two screens, because you need to be able to drag stuff over onto another screen.

Temporarily, while still keeping in focused, I mean the idea of having multiples. Is that your focus on one molecule trading? But in your peripheral vision, you can spot other things are happening.

This is a traitor and you can get away information, so you may have a woman that shot on an execution platform in front of you that you might of 5 and 15 Konica visionable Skydome a drive or the engine of the overall Market somewhere else. It’S been crude oil pan yen in pounds can go so you’d have the help that I needed to have other markets. The pop show watching and waiting for stock, but it’s whatever, maybe so.

This takes up a lot of screen real estate where’s. Now, if you go to the two decent-sized screams, most of the software allows you to split full power window screen.

You cook for us full screens, really two decent-sized squeezing night job.

So now you can have a full charts and maybe two shots in the depth of my whatever you trading stuff, so flexibility missed tabs American Topic in full, so other things you really need anymore.

If you want to go full screen tight squeeze by all means, if you’re sitting in the annual, for some reason you want to have that always in your mind will vision. I think. But if you are thinking of going try starting to try to think about what Hardware do you need strategy think makes you think that you needed more screens, it’s easy enough to loan.

You can stay in stop. , You couldn’t remove anyone. Anne’s request and we can get you’ll stand long enough to go hold it to about the bum level, there’s on his way to doing it.

So it’s not a problem.

Expensive used to be a special 2 screens minimum a decent computer. Now I would, by the best you can afford computer if I would have bought the best you can afford, because going to change it to change it regularly.

But how regular you change? It depends on the quantity by Straight White. The most useful thing that you’ve got lost in you want to be doing is worrying about crashing, not enough memory or slowing down the running, a new job that you’ve got someone already. Then you know roll with the laptop laptops as well as well.

Now you know DC powerful. We put an extra screen on sausage go to screen if you can put a normal MacBook Pro just about Albright or die.

If you needed to compute thing is winding itself up might be an investment because you will lose more than you invest in the computer. I forgot to trade with it the crisis in your room, trying to get stressed with it. You know since we’re having something decent, buy, DSL, internet connection.

This is pretty much wherever you are most places going to get good in St in certain parts of the country and seven countries other Pockets. Where is not so good, but generally you know you can get away with your stand up online.

Stick a second line.

If you want to worry about about a cussing out the 4G on it and then learn how to type up to your computer as a backup. So you could eat there, saltwater office, g4g, Heather up to computer.

He got decent enough connection. It got my Work Connection, Isley Point donation GPRS! You can do that.

Allows you to remind you in position to start screen.

I’M going to go see you need and backup software thing what else we need a decent desk consider a standing desk from standing desk casting down for hours and hours and hours on end. You may not know it, but eventually you are going to feel it adjustable.

Standing desk that you can wind up or one of these ones, you can get like an extra stand that goes on top of your desk. I’M calling the police brings everything up until the Moto Z2 got caught screen. It’S going to be hard going to be looking down at it and bring the whole desk hottest of height with one of those extra items is perfectly fine as well think of anything else of my stuff.

I think that you know decent computer screens decent connection. Great is useful for those, I think.

All the things that you must need must have. If you going to trade seriously good fighting bye-bye.

Day Trading Computer & Trading Screens – What You Really Need to Trade? 🔌💻

What trading hardware do you really need to trade? PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Assuming you are taking this business seriously and want to make some decent money out of it – well times have changed; fortunately for us we need far less. I had a trading desk shared with other traders and I had some 8 screens. That was required because the software wasn’t much software. These days I find a laptop to be sufficient in most cases although sometimes I do use my workstation where I have 4 screens setup. But really I think what you need are 2 screens because you need to be able to temporarily drag things to another screen while still keeping focused. The idea of having multiple screens is that you can focus on the market you’re trading but in your peripheral visions you can spot other things happening. Try to buy the most powerful computer or laptop you can afford because you don’t want your system to fail you when you most need it!

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